Congrats to Our Innovative DeveloperWeek Hackathon Winners

Posted by Alex Misevski on July 6, 2017

Last month, developers from around the world flocked to Brooklyn, New York, for DeveloperWeek 2017, one of the preeminent industry conferences and expos designed to show attendees the most innovative advances happening in development today.

Zang Announces DeveloperWeek Hackathon Winners

Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated event at this year’s conference was the Hackathon—which is the world’s largest challenge-based event of its kind. This year’s competitors were tasked with building a notification services app that leverages the IoT to drive proactive communications and workflows with the Zang Cloud API.

With $7,500 in cash prizes up for grabs, the competition was fierce. But today, Zang is pleased to announce the three winning participants that set themselves apart from the pack:

1st Place Winner: Bryan Knouse—$5,000 in American Express ® gift cards

Bryan Knouse wowed the judging panel by creating multiple applications for his submission, including two IoT use cases; a medical senor app and a chemical sensor app. They use various IoT sensors to monitor levels, then send the user an alert if pre-defined biological thresholds are crossed. In addition, Bryan developed a two-way SMS app to send videos to friends, which then escalates to a phone call when the video is watched, as well as an API generator which produces singular APIs in different languages, including Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and more.

2nd Place Winners: Ana Ma, Marty Avedon, Zack Aroui—$2,000 in American Express ® gift cards

This dynamic trio was able to earn a second place finish by creating an integrated, fully mobile notification and monitoring system that allows neighborhood watch, security teams and police to keep tabs on local events. Cameras around the city capture video, and when a certain action takes place—such as a gunshot—an IoT audio or motion sensor is triggered and the presence is noted. A notification is then sent to emergency responders to dispatch assistance.

3rd Place Winners: John Samuels, Yunchun (Oscar) Chong, Levy shi, Geoffrey Wang, Michael Tan—$500 in American Express ® gift cards

By developing a smart pill bottle which allows users to communicate with medical devices to ensure successful delivery and consumption of medications, this team was able to garner a third place finish in this year’s Hackathon. Users of this application can open, close and measure levels of medication in the smart pill bottle. If medication is needed, users can send a notification to the pill bottle for dispensation. If there is a pill on the tray that has been dispensed and still needs to be taken, a pressure sensor can trigger an SMS to the patient to give them the reminder.

To Mo Nezarati, GM of Zang, awarding these innovative participants with $7,500 in cash prizes was well worth the investment.

“I would like to thank everyone who took the Zang Challenge during DeveloperWeek NY 2017,” he stated. “I wish to congratulate all of the talented developers for leveraging Zang Cloud to build winning apps on our all-in-one cloud communications platform. We love to work with the developer community, and we’re committed to making their lives easier by providing them with easy-to-use, drag and drop development tools that allow almost anyone to create smart communication apps and workflows.”

With this year’s event now in the books, one question remains: what can you build with Zang Cloud? While there’s still plenty of time before DeveloperWeek 2018, it’s never too early to start testing your own skills. See what you can do with Zang Cloud— click here to get started.

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