Dozens of Ways to Zang

Posted by Alex Misevski on February 10, 2017

Thanks to the digital explosion, the potential for brands to engage with existing and potential customers and to provide a great customer experience is boundless. Zang is helping marketing executives leverage technology and APIs to facilitate higher-level connectivity between customers and brands by enabling advanced communication capabilities.

Dozens of ways to Zang |

Below is a list of use cases with Zang as the solution. Challenges addressed range from text-enabling existing landlines (OwnerListens) to eliminating legacy voicemail systems (Mutare) to recording iPhone calls (TapeACall) to rerouting incoming calls to another destination (Dynamic Packet).

Check out these usages for their potential to benefit your own business—with an eye toward embedding communications technology, like email, text and chat, into your business processes and applications to improve communications and collaboration among internal and external users.

  1. Customer feedback: Receive SMS messages directly from customers with immediate and actionable feedback [OwnerListens]
  2. Voicemail transcript: Leave legacy voicemail systems behind by converting voice memos to visual messages [Mutare]
  3. Contact center call-backs: Avoid long hold-times by requesting a call back from the next available agent [Fonolo - In-call Rescue]
  4. World’s largest phonebook: Get a detailed profile of the person calling so you can avoid answering unwanted unknown calls [WhoApp]
  5. Taped conversations: Record a phone call you make, receive or are currently on and save the conversation for later use. [TapeACall]
  6. Identity Protection: Change your Caller ID information for outgoing calls to conceal your identity [Recordiapro]
  7. Sales leads management: Organize and manage sales leads more efficiently to increase conversion rates. [Cervont]
  8. Fraud Protection: Receive spam alerts indicating the chances of an incoming call being a potential threat to your security [Cequint]
  9. IOT Data Collection: Gather pertinent information from connected products for analysis and  trends identification [Sensaphone]
  10. Travel Booking: Book travel arrangements and compare prices easily to get the best deals available. [jetnsave]
  11. Simple Ordering: Offer clients an easier, more efficient way to order from your business. [KeHE]
  12. Opinion Sharing: Get a look into customers’ point of view on brands and how they are perceived in everyday life. [Hall&Partners - YouWord]
  13. Call routing: Reroute incoming calls to the destination of your choice, such as mailboxes, groups, extensions and call queues. [Dynamic Packet]
  14. Recruitment: Reach qualified job candidates in real time before the competition snatches them up. [tenstreet]
  15. Emergency Notifications: Reach students’ parents quickly to share emergency school closings or urgent reminders. [telecurve]
  16. Travel Assistance: Get the attention of a concierge during your travels to help manage your trip and upgrade your overall experience. [mytravalet]
  17. Appointment reminders: Remind patients of upcoming appointments and keep them on track in their healing process. [chuckjung]
  18. IOT data to the cloud: Collect and automatically send data from connected products to the cloud for analysis. [codemydream]
  19. Prescriptions Refills: Conveniently order prescription refills with the help of your iPhone [South River Compounding Pharmacy]
  20. Mass notifications: Inform all necessary parties by sending out notifications to a large number of recipients [The University of Texas]
  21. Consolidated Contact Points : Set up one phone number for your mobile, computer and your office phone. []
  22. Event Creation : Find events in your area, make plans with your friends and see what they’re up to. [Hoppen]
  23. Connect puppies with homes: Connect puppies from top breeders in need of a home with caring dog-lovers and caring families. [Puppy Spot]
  24. Hand free notes: Personalize interactions by using vocal transcriptions that let you focus your on patients. [Augmedix]  
  25. Better customer triage:  Integrate click-to-call features directly into customer service tools, complete with recording and transcriptions, to connect customers with agents faster. [a utilities company]
  26. Cloud calls + SMS:  Allow callers to make selections that will direct them to the best possible call center to meet their needs and Prompt callers in the cloud to determine which call center to connect them to while providing rich SMS feedback. [an automotive company]
  27. Save, share and edit voicemails:  Get voicemails off of your phone and onto your computer so you can download them as mp3s, share, and even edit them. [Voicemails Forever]

For even more ideas on how businesses are improving customer and team communication experiences, view our Cloud use cases. With the Zang cloud-based applications-as-a-service platform, app development is quick and painless. The solution makes it easy for anyone—with or without coding experience—to build communication apps.

This is the promise of Zang’s communication-enabled business process (CEBP) offering, and its APIs and SDKs stocked with pre-developed code. CEPB embeds communication capabilities right into everyday business processes and workflows, engendering countless opportunities for improved efficiency and effectiveness. Compared to existing unified communications functionality, CEPB is a major market disrupter. Sign up now and we’ll give you a $2 credit to start building on Zang today.

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