App Creation: Durham College Students Are Using Zang Cloud in a Rewarding Way!

Posted by Alex Misevski on December 21, 2016

We’ve always touted Zang’s all-in-one platform, Zang Cloud, as a simple but elegant way to add communication tools to applications—even for non-developers. But we hadn’t foreseen that undergrads could also appreciate the technology and take advantage of an opportunity to put it to good use. Yet, when the occasion arose, we were delighted to participate in a two-week competition for Ontario colleges geared toward educating and engaging young people in modern technology, specifically unified communications (UC).

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Zang APIs Enable Text Messaging Services for Puerto Rican Utility Company

Posted by Alex Misevski on December 7, 2016

“Send SMS” is a new service developed by Zang Cloud partner ImaginationSoft for its client, a major water utility company in Puerto Rico. ImaginationSoft, a custom software development company, is also based in Puerto Rico and has been working with this client for more than 10 years—initially programming its interactive voice response (IVR) system and then adding services over the course of the relationship.

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Zang Partner Helps Call Centers Increase Customer Satisfaction: Here’s How You Can, Too

Posted by Alex Misevski on October 10, 2016

Zang provides a robust cloud-based communication platform for creating voice and SMS applications for computers, mobile devices, online services, or integration into the traditional phone systems. Many different industries trust Zang, including call centers, to assist them in seamlessly incorporating real-time communications into their applications while increasing customer engagement.

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SAM Use Case: Killing Voicemail … and Other Zang App Development Perks

Posted by Alex Misevski on September 12, 2016

Perhaps you don’t know that millennials hate voicemail—or that you should care whether they do or not. On the contrary, you need to wrap your head around this contemporary reality and develop a strategy to protect your business against the potential fallout. After all, a vast number of millennials are headed to workplaces all over the world, and they despise even listening to voice messages, never mind dialing into voicemail, punching in a PIN, getting out pen and paper to record messages, and then responding to them in kind.

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OwnerListens and Zang: Improving the Customer Experience With Text Messaging

Posted by Alex Misevski on July 28, 2016

People respond faster to a text message than they do to voicemail or email. It’s a trend that has emerged in our spectacularly digital age and is here to stay. Relegated to history is the landline, even email. In fact, SMS (Short Message Service) text messages have a phenomenal open rate of 98 percent—which no other marketing tool comes close to matching. Combine that with the 4.5 billion mobile users in the world (smartphones and feature phones, since SMS works on both) and you have a market worthy of leveraging any way you can.

Businesses today are doing just that. They’re taking advantage of widespread SMS usage to cement relationships with their customers. Restaurants are confirming reservations. Nail salons are making appointments. Online shops are increasing sales by answering customer questions on the spot. It’s a whole new world—and today’s tech-savvy consumers love it!

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