The Race Towards Democratizing Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Alex Misevski on December 28, 2016
Artificial Intelligence (AI) was born in the summer of 1956 at the Dartmouth Conference, where various scientists from mathematics, psychology, engineering, economics, and political science discussed the possibility of having an artificial brain. The conference introduced the Logic Theorist program – the first of its kind that copies humans’ problem solving skills. It was then that John McCarthy convinced his peers to accept AI as the name of the field.

Since then, AI has strived to build machines that can:
  • reason;
  • interact with the real world;
  • plan and navigate the world that humans live in;
  • speak natural human language;
  • be “taught” how to perceive things; and
  • create a fully autonomous computer that can continuously learn by itself.


The Most Notable AI Acquisitions

Fast forward to 2016 – Google, IBM, Facebook, and Baidu are leading the game towards AI. A study was conducted by CBS Insight this year showing all major acquisitions done by these tech giants catering to various industries.

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