TaCode Tuesdays: Make Your Own Call and SMS Monitoring Tool Using Zang

Posted by Pedram Mohammadi on January 17, 2017

Finally, your call and SMS application is launched. After a lot of overtime, countless cups of coffee, and arduous arguments with quality control, people have actually started using it. The next question now is: how do you make sure the lights are green?  

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TaCode Tuesdays: Integrating Push Notifications: Android vs. iOS

Posted by Pedram Mohammadi on January 10, 2017

It's Tuesday again. That means your favorite developer at Zang is here to deliver free snippets of code for use in your very own text/voice apps along with hilarious taco puns. This week I’m going to show you the differences between iOS and Android push notifications when it comes to app development. 

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Trends Impacting Mobile App Development in 2017

Posted by Alex Misevski on January 9, 2017

The mobile app development industry continues to flourish at a feverish rate. As mobile app trends move from 2016 into 2017, developers expect to witness the continuing emergence of better, cutting-edge technologies that will advance the growth of the industry to higher heights. From an increase in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence to the proliferation of app streaming, here are a few of the top trends impacting the mobile app development landscape in 2017.

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TaCode Tuesdays:  How to Use Zang to Create Automated SMS Alerts & Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Posted by Pedram Mohammadi on January 3, 2017

Welcome back to TaCode Tuesdays! This is the only place you can find snippets of code for use in your very own text/voice apps, along with a weekly dose of taco puns. I’m a developer here at Zang and not only am I a big fan of tacos (if that wasn’t already apparent), I’m also a fan of open source. My goal is to share a new app idea each week that you're free to use “as is” or modify and use as the basis for your next app.

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The Race Towards Democratizing Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Alex Misevski on December 28, 2016
Artificial Intelligence (AI) was born in the summer of 1956 at the Dartmouth Conference, where various scientists from mathematics, psychology, engineering, economics, and political science discussed the possibility of having an artificial brain. The conference introduced the Logic Theorist program – the first of its kind that copies humans’ problem solving skills. It was then that John McCarthy convinced his peers to accept AI as the name of the field.

Since then, AI has strived to build machines that can:
  • reason;
  • interact with the real world;
  • plan and navigate the world that humans live in;
  • speak natural human language;
  • be “taught” how to perceive things; and
  • create a fully autonomous computer that can continuously learn by itself.


The Most Notable AI Acquisitions

Fast forward to 2016 – Google, IBM, Facebook, and Baidu are leading the game towards AI. A study was conducted by CBS Insight this year showing all major acquisitions done by these tech giants catering to various industries.

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