TaCode Tuesday: Say it with MMS

Posted by Jeff Hodson on November 7, 2017

Welcome back, taco lovers, for another delicious edition of TaCode Tuesday. We know Monday was rough, and Friday is still so far away, so we’re here to set your mind at ease the only way we know how—by plating up another sizzling serving of code for all you hungry developers out there.

But before we begin, we have just one question. What would get your stomach rumbling more: a long-winded summarization of the ingredients contained inside a taco, or a glorious picture of said taco, displaying its melted cheese, ground beef and guacamole for all to see?


They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and that’s exactly the purpose of this edition of TaCode Tuesday. Today, we’re spotlighting one of the newest ingredients in the kitchen at Zang: MMS.

Before, when you purchased a Zang phone number, your number was already voice and SMS-enabled. Now, Zang is spicing up the recipe so that phone numbers in North America and Canada will come equipped with MMS too. On Zang Cloud, you’ll set yourself apart from the pack, as you’ll even be able to MMS enable your existing toll free and local numbers!

We support JPEG, GIF and PNG for images, so no matter how many mouths you need to feed, you’ll have something for everyone.

But Zang’s multime feature isn’t just about pictures either. Our MMS feature also includes mp3 and wave for audio, as well as mp4 and AVI for video.

To get started on your delicious creation, grab this code:


Visit our GitHub for the SMS API to dive deeper. Of course, it always helps to do a little background research on a recipe before serving it up to others. That’s why we’ve put together a brand new Online Docs & Helper Libraries section so that you can see how our MMS feature works before you spring into action for yourself.

Enjoy experimenting with the many flavors of Zang Cloud, taco lovers! And be sure to stay tuned next week, when we’ll be diving into the delicious realm of SIP registration.

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