Too Busy For National Small Business Week? Treat Yourself with Zang Spaces!

Posted by Alex Misevski on May 1, 2017

Every year since 1963, it has been a tradition that the President of the United States issues a proclamation announcing National Small Business Week, designed to recognize the contributions and sacrifices made by the pioneering entrepreneurs and small business owners that are the cornerstone of our communities and economy at large.

Four people gathering, two men and two women, at national small business week april 30 through may 6, 2017Just how important are small businesses? According to the Small Business Association, more than half of Americans either work for, or own a small business. Small businesses create two out of three new jobs in the U.S. each year.

And even though National Small Business Week is already here, if you’re like most small business leaders, you may have been too busy to notice.

Put simply, just because you’re running a small business, that doesn’t make running it a small task either. In order to succeed, small business leaders and their personnel often have to take on multiple roles at once. Running a successful small business requires constant communication, seamless collaboration, the occasional after-hours remote conference call and a whole lot of sweat equity.

On top of all the legitimate rigors of the workday, you’ve got to make sure to keep the minor workplace distractions to a minimum as well. Perhaps you’ve got an overly-talkative salesman sapping your focus. Maybe the scent of re-heated curry is forcing you out of your cubicle. There are no limits to the distractions you’ve got to keep away from your team.

Even something as simple as checking email has been shown to be a distraction. Researchers have found that it takes the average employee 64 seconds to recover from an email interruption. While that may not seem like much, consider this: the average person spends 28 percent of the workweek reading and responding to email!

So if you’re a small business owner with no time to spare to celebrate National Small Business Week, we understand your predicament. Fortunately, Zang has come up with a solution to help you and your team make work less work.

Enter Zang Spaces, our cloud-based team collaboration and meeting application. It’s an intuitively designed platform that seamlessly integrates voice, video, tasks, sharing and more, all into one application you can access anytime, anywhere.

With Zang Spaces, you gain the ability to consolidate the various communications services your employees use into one integrated platform, limiting the potential for lost emails, broken communications, missed deadlines and a wide range of other distractions impacting productivity.

With Zang Spaces, you can put your to-do list into a “Space” and invite collaborators to join you to complete your project. You can invite others to collaborate, or assign guest privileges for back-end participants. You can also share screens, files, assign tasks, and even track your employees’ progress to keep them accountable.

Zang Spaces is a tool designed to optimize communications and collaboration. That way, you won’t simply meet up to discuss getting things done—you actually can!

If you’ve been too busy to notice that it’s National Small Business Week, we understand. But this year, treat yourself and your employees to the type of tools that will allow you to get more done with less. Because that’s what small businesses like yours do—and your team deserves to have the time to recognize your accomplishments.

To learn more about how Zang Spaces can help your small business operate like a global enterprise, click here.

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