Sending Automated SMS to Remind Patients About Doctor Appointments

Posted by Alex Misevski on January 27, 2017

Back in the day, patients were reminded about their medical appointments with postcards send through the mail. However, the postcard method was too slow, and the reminders often got trashed with the rest of the junk mail. After some decades, the use of phone calls become common. Unfortunately, phone calls are obstructive, usually untimely and, worse still, many people ignore unfamiliar numbers.

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Google Opens Access to its Speech-to-Text API

Posted by Alex Misevski on January 25, 2017

Google finally opened its Cloud Speech API to the public, allowing third-party developers to convert audio-to-text within their own applications. Since March 2016, the web giant has provided access to the limited preview version through its developer website. Although it’s still in beta, Google’s speech recognition technology promises to offer developers an improved experience that’s better than current speech recognition providers.

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TaCode Tuesday: How to Include a "Free Call" Feature on Your Website

Posted by Pedram Mohammadi on January 24, 2017

Yay for Tuesday!   TaCODE Tuesday means means your favorite developer at Zang is here to deliver free snippets of code for use in your very own text/voice apps along with hilarious taco puns. Did you know that 77% of online customers want to talk to a real person before making a purchase? Let us help you make it easy for them by using Zang to create a “free call” feature for your website. Here's your code to git 'er done!

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TaCode Tuesdays: Make Your Own Call and SMS Monitoring Tool Using Zang

Posted by Pedram Mohammadi on January 17, 2017

Finally, your call and SMS application is launched. After a lot of overtime, countless cups of coffee, and arduous arguments with quality control, people have actually started using it. The next question now is: how do you make sure the lights are green?  

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How to Develop a Softphone Call Forwarding Feature for BPOs

Posted by Pedram Mohammadi on January 16, 2017

Plenty of companies around the world are ditching their desk phones in favor of softphone applications and, as our reliance on technology continues to increase, it’s only a matter of time until softphones are the more popular choice. In fact, softphone usage is already on the rise, especially among call centers requiring scalable, robust, and low-cost VoIP telephone services.

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