Message Scheduling App Ready to Help You Deliver a Powerful Father’s Day Message

Posted by Alex Misevski on June 16, 2017

Throughout the course of the year, fathers across the country work tirelessly to protect, support and raise their families. They work hard and make great personal sacrifices to ensure that we will have a better life than they had for themselves.

Message Scheduling App Ready to Help You Deliver a Powerful Father’s Day Message

Father’s Day, which takes place on June 18th this year, is the one day where the tables can turn and we can celebrate our appreciation of the monumental undertaking that is fatherhood. With Father’s Day fast approaching, now is a great time to ask an important question about the relationship you share with yours: what has your father passed down to you?

Maybe your father passed down a love of fishing, baseball or football. Maybe he taught you how to drive, how to treat others, or work with integrity and dedication. Whatever your father has taught you, it is a gift.

Of course, there may be a few things you wish they hadn’t passed down too—receding hairlines, nearsightedness, or even a terrible short-term memory.

If it happens to be the latter, holidays like Father’s Day can be problematic. Remembering at the last minute, you scramble to find some way to show your appreciation, only to come up with a necktie, a bottle of cologne and a last-ditch phone call at 11:00 PM—like the year before and the year before that.

But your father doesn’t need another tie and bottle of cologne. And he doesn’t want the phone ringing at all hours of the night. All that he really wants is to know that he was front of mind on the one day of the year that’s supposed to be all about him.

At Zang, we’re commemorating Father’s Day by helping all you last-minute planners take the holiday by the horns. Using our own API, we’ve created a simple message scheduling app that will enable you to send your Dad a pre-recorded voice or text message on Father's Day. In addition to the heartfelt message you will be delivering, Save the Children will receive $1 for every SMS or call recorded on Zang’s free Father’s Day service.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Once you’re ready to begin, you’ll need to input some basic information—your phone number, email address and a time that you’d like to schedule delivery of your message to your dad.

Step 2: After you’ve submitted your information, you’ll receive a phone call via the Zang Father’s Day app at the time of your choosing. This will allow you to set up your pre-recorded voice call, or verify your text message.

Step 3: Since you completed the first two steps already, we’ll take it from here. We’ll send out your voice or text message on the date and time you selected. And you can sit back and take pride in being the amazing son or daughter that you are! Zang Cloud is an innovative platform that is designed for enabling better communication. To learn how you can send your Father’s Day message, or learn about all the other great ways you can use Zang, click here.

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