Schedule Holiday Messages from the North Pole to Your Loved Ones

Posted by Sindi Markette on December 23, 2016

Zang Forget Me Not Service Celebrity Santa Edition

Our Forget Me Not service is back for the holidays! This time around it's the Santa Edition that allows you to record and send a voice message to children or friends from Santa or one of his helpers. Your little ones who are anxiously awaiting Santa’s visit will be so excited to hear an update on his status. Your friends will smile at the holiday fun of receiving a voice message from the North Pole.

This service is free, simple to use, and takes less than minutes. Everything you need to schedule a message is on this page. You're the voice talent so hum your favorite holiday tune and get ready to record your message from Santa or his helper. If the eggnog and cookies have diminished your creative juices, let us help you out with this jolly example.  

Our good friend Fletch over at the Avaya Podcast wanted to send a message to some friends from a very special Elf so he teamed up with Sirius XM Hits 1's Spyder Harrison. They went to, entered the phone numbers, selected the time to send the message and awaited the call back. Listen to the result to find your inspiration and create a voice message that will put a smile on your friends' and little ones' faces this weekend.

Listen to Spyder's Message

Give it a try; it’s free. And It’s just one of the seemingly infinite ways to utilize the Zang Cloud communications platform as a service.

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