Communication Apps Backstory: Zang 'Forget Me Not' for Mother's Day

Posted by Christina Knittle on May 27, 2016
Communication Apps Backstory: Zang 'Forget Me Not' for Mother's Day |

On May 4, we announced the Zang Forget Me Not Service for Mother’s Day (press release, blog)-- a free service through which people could schedule a voicemail to be delivered to their mother. Candidly, the idea was born out of a marketing meeting I, a PR manager at Avaya, attended on April 14 when thinking about what we could do to promote the simplicity, utility and virtually endless possibilities of Zang. And with Mother’s Day around the corner, the stars seemed to be aligning nicely to tie in the one day of the year that the most phone calls are made.

On April 20, I met with the head of Zang product management to run the idea by him. Much to my excitement, his response was, “Yes, that’s something that Zang can do.” Score! Now, it was just a matter of getting the project approved and resourced, which happened over the next few days. When everything was said and done, the development took all of two days, testing and UI “beautification” took another couple of days, and on Wednesday, May 4, the Zang Forget Me Not service was announced to the world.

With just 2.5 business days to promote the service, we hit our PR and social media goals and then some. Launching an internationally-available service during a time when several countries celebrated Mother’s Day was quite fortuitous (ie: U.S., Canada, India, China, Australia celebrated on May 8; Mexico celebrated on May 10). Interestingly, 55 percent of the calls processed came from outside the U.S. – quite a revelation.

The Zang Forget Me Not service for Mother’s Day was a timely demonstration of the power and flexibility of Zang. The PR “stunt” provided a simple and easily understandable example for users to experience what all too often seem esoteric technical concepts. People, especially outsiders to our industry, struggle to understand what cloud, “as a Service” and other buzzwords really mean to their lives. With this easily applied concept, we brought home the realization that there are true productivity enhancing applications available to those who embrace new technologies.

Many of the questions and comments I’ve seen in response to the various blogs that featured Zang Forget Me Not are if we’ll make this available for Father’s Day? Stay tuned!

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