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TaCode Tuesday: How to Create a Zang CocoaPod for Call and SMS

Posted by Pedram Mohammadi on February 7, 2017

Here’s a nightmare scenario: The night before you deploy your build to production, your colleague notices a bunch of libraries need to be updated and decides to update them, thinking it’s for the best. And then the unspeakable happens: your build breaks. You have to revert back the compatible version – search it, copy it, and test it again. You could have saved the app if not for the 20 libraries that you have to manually restore one by one. Someone has to inform the project manager that deployment has to be postponed. Unfortunately, that someone is you.

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iOS vs. Android App Development: Which is the Best Choice for You?

Posted by Pedram Mohammadi on February 3, 2017

The battle for supremacy between the two giants of the operating system world—Android and iOS—grows ever thornier. Once a developer has decided to build an app, the key question that he or she often battles with is “between Android and iOS app development, which is the best choice for me”?

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TaCode Tuesday: How to Include a "Free Call" Feature on Your Website

Posted by Pedram Mohammadi on January 24, 2017

Yay for Tuesday!   TaCODE Tuesday means means your favorite developer at Zang is here to deliver free snippets of code for use in your very own text/voice apps along with hilarious taco puns. Did you know that 77% of online customers want to talk to a real person before making a purchase? Let us help you make it easy for them by using Zang to create a “free call” feature for your website. Here's your code to git 'er done!

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TaCode Tuesdays: Make Your Own Call and SMS Monitoring Tool Using Zang

Posted by Pedram Mohammadi on January 17, 2017

Finally, your call and SMS application is launched. After a lot of overtime, countless cups of coffee, and arduous arguments with quality control, people have actually started using it. The next question now is: how do you make sure the lights are green?  

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How to Develop a Softphone Call Forwarding Feature for BPOs

Posted by Pedram Mohammadi on January 16, 2017

Plenty of companies around the world are ditching their desk phones in favor of softphone applications and, as our reliance on technology continues to increase, it’s only a matter of time until softphones are the more popular choice. In fact, softphone usage is already on the rise, especially among call centers requiring scalable, robust, and low-cost VoIP telephone services.

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